TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

Ever wonder why and what motivates TPT sellers & bloggers?

This week's challenge really touches our lives behind the scenes!

First up....TpT provides supplementary income to my family.  NONE of us are making the big bucks as teacher, nor did we ever expect to!  But it can be tough!  For my family, we've reached the time in our lives where we have not one but TWO kids in college!  That's what pushed me to do more than just create for myself, but I wanted to see if others would want it, too!  How awesome would it be to put in a bit of extra time to make my classroom stuff TpT worthy and help my family.  College is SO expensive now, and the hubs and I have REALLY worked hard to see that our kids exit school with no debt.  That takes a lot of sacrificing and the kids really have no $$ for extras.  My TpT income really helps with some of the extras without US living off of box mac & cheese 24/7!  I'd just like to do MORE!!  It would ease the pressure that the hubs bears most of, if he could count on just a tad more!  

Next up....learning and growing in the TpT/blogger community has been an area that I really want to grow!  I am so inspired by these amazing ladies..and a some men, too... that you can't help but want to surround yourself with people that make you want to be a better teacher!  Inspire you to be positive when the harsh realities of teaching can be so taxing.  Rising above that takes effort--finding more and more folks to support my creative side brings a much needed balance.

Totally frivolous, I know, but I do most of my work using a desktop.  It's a awesomeness there, for sure!!!  But I want to be more mobile.  I have not been frivolous with any of my income, and I'd love to just say...Hey...I EARNED this!  Moms just don't roll like that though!  My kids always come first!  I just know that I could be more efficient with my time, if I were tied to a desk.

That's it for me this week!  I don't think my dreams are BIG by any stretch!  I tend to set attainable goals...and Darn it...I think I can DO it!

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  1. I love the friendships I have created through this community of TpT :)

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