Fun Spiral Review Game for Spring

Spring..... a time when sunny days make your students itch to get outdoors!

I love this idea for getting outdoors for some fun TEST PREP and spiral review.  Perfect for Math & ELA.

Get them outside with this super quick-and-easy DIY activity that packs a punch!  You can hit your state standards in ELA or Math and TOTALLY put this in your lesson plans!  This might even pack a punch in your Test Prep, too!


Tips for Teachers After Spring Break

With two weeks until Spring Break, my mind is flooded with ideas of how I want to fill those final days with my students!  We can look at this time as a "Count-down" until its over or a "Count-Up" of days to fill with ideas that spark some joy into your classroom!  Head over to my blog post at iTeach Third to see some great things to try in your classroom this Spring...and maybe some keepers for the fall!
Collection of  five "Must-Do" Activities in the classroom that will get keep student focused in the right way!  The final tip is my favorite!