Multiplication Facts in the Middle

I have spent so much time buying other products (great stuff!), but I have missed the time I have in the summer to create my own.  I bought some really cute winter graphics and finally put them to use.  I was inspired by a post I read at: Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.  I loved this idea for her Fearsome 15.
So, off I went to create my "Dangerous Dozen".  My kids don't really have trouble with the 9s, but the 6s. 7s & 8s give them fits!  Click  HERE  to take you to my TPT store where I am giving they away for free....for a while.  Enjoy!

Looking forward to contributing to Made It Monday, too!  Been a really long time.  Hoping to make something a little more complex soon!
Have a great week and stay warm!!!