Meet Debbi

Welcome to my blog...errr.....PAD!  I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my classroom, grab a few tips and tricks, try some of my favorite tech tools, and expand your love of teaching!
I can't begin without sharing the BEST part of family!  Although not the most recent picture of us, this began one of the best trips we've taken together.  It's hard to get all four of us in a picture, so I really love this memory.  I've been married for nearly 28 years and have two children.

I'm proud to say one has recently graduated from college and the second is HALF way finished.  They are my pride and joy!

Here's a little secret...this isn't my first blog!  I began a blog (before they even called it that) when my son was a toddler on our first desktop computer.  He was born with a congenital disorder and nearly lost him as an infant.  The world-wide-web opened the doors to meeting other parents who were scared and alone in parenting a child with this somewhat rare disorder.  My first blog was born, creating a message board for parents to meet, ask questions and support each other.  In fact, that message board group still exists on another website!! Once a member who was more html savvy came along, I gladly passed on the duties to him.

3rd Grade Pad and my TPT store began in the winter of 2014.  Once more having the need to share my voice and reach others, I turned the love of creating for my classroom into another way to express myself and help others.  My favorite past times found their way into my store: interactive notebooks, task cards, and classroom decor.

How did it all begin? I have been teaching or doing things teacher-related for nearly my entire adult life!  I'm a two time graduate of Georgia Southern University, holding my BSEd & MEd in Early Childhood Education.  After graduating from college, I taught kindergarten for two years.  I loved "all things readiness".  While being a stay-at-home mom, the teacher in me created the weekly craft activities for my the playdate co-op my kids attended---then later directed the program.  As my kids aged into preschool and elementary school, I followed my youngest and spent the next eight years teaching in a half-day preK program.

Ten years ago, I felt the itch to return to the public school classroom.  My dream kindergarten job evolved into teaching 2nd grade.  Gulp!  What do you DO with them!  They already knew how to READ!  I quickly switched gears and learned A LOT...then spent the next eight years in 3rd grade.  I am back in 2nd grade once more and just LOVE that I have the tools to really enrich my 2nds by fully knowing what lies ahead for them! It seems purely natural to focus on the band of 2nd through 4th now!

I have been at my present school for eight years.  I am thrilled to be one of two PLTW Lead Teachers in my building and to serve in district-wide committees that have helped shape our pacing guide and in the selection process of teacher candidates to our district.  

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find my latest blog posts, special promotions, and a little this & that!  Instagram is a great way for us to follow each other, too!

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