Paperless Collaboration Made Easy

Planning with your teammates can be quite a challenge!  Limited time during the day to meet and differing after school schedules can really complicate a team trying to plan cohesively!

Web Tool to store PowerPoints, Files, Websites, etc. Perfect way to share with others and retrieve in the classroom!  Collaboration tool for students and teachers!

Worry no more!  Check out my blog post over at I Teach Third about how we use Livebinders to share files, powerpoint, and websites of all kinds!


Differentiating Reading Goals in the Classroom

4 great reasons to differentiate setting reading goals using strategies that can start any time in the school year!  Love the clip chart and brag tag idea!

As teachers, we all want to promote lifelong reading.  That's a given.  How we DO that as teachers, grade levels, and schools tends to vary.


Developing Point of View with Mentor Texts

One of my absolute FAVORITE reading strategies to teach is Point of View.  Students really begin to think deeper about literature!  Understanding character is the building block to so many other skills.

See a collection of mentor texts to share with your students that I blogged about over at I Teach Third!   This collection is perfect for many grade levels and sure to match the many interests within you classroom.


All I Want for Black Friday is….

Hi sweet friends!  I'm only a day and a half into my Thanksgiving Break, and I am LOVING this time to get refreshed!  AND…..get all of my lists GOING!  I've got 
  • Grocery lists (Low Country Boil for our alternative Thanksgiving dinner this year) and…
  • My online shopping lists are going by the DAY!  I'm al title addicted to right now.
  • My Back-to-School lists to squeeze in all of the academics before  Benchmark Testing & have some fun along the way!

So, I was super excited to join in the FABULOUS ladies at The Primary Pack a super fun linky!

Here goes!
I've got some BIGGIES on my list this year!  
I'm really hoping to gift MYSELF with a new laptop!  I've worked SUPER hard this year to help with the extras for my  TWO kids in college!  I've been using my school-issued Mac Air…which is a DREAM, but teachers do not have Admin rights!  It is so frustrating!  AND….I might have filled it up by linking up my Google Drive to it.  Just maybe…..
I'm also hoping  that my sweet hubs will catch the hints I've been dropping about some Hunter Boots for this winter.  I may live in Alabama, but honey…it gets cold and just stays WET!  Our parking lot always seems to have several inches of water.  I've already had to change my shoes and wear slippers in my classroom TWICE and it's only November.  Dear daughter says they're kind of heavy' heavy but…Hey!  won't that my my steps on my Fitbit WORTH  more??  I just love how cozy and SASSY they look!
Do you think he'll take the hints????  Any helpful advice?

The TOP two products on my list are these two beauties!  
I've joined a new team this year, and they really love doing a huge unit on Tall Tales!  Can not WAIT!  I already have Rachel Lamb's awesome unit, but I think this set will complement that one perfectly!  Hope King is super talented!
My class this year is just WAY too pokey with the cutting and pasting in our math INBs this year.  We just finished up the addition set of this No-Cut series by Teach Clubhouse, and it was just perfect!  Now…I'm hoping to snag a sale!  I'm pretty certain some CLIP ART will wind up in my final purchases, too.  Oy!  The addiction!

Click the image to find this in my store!
Now is the perfect time to prep for those three final weeks of the school year before Winter Break!  I think  you'd love this set I used in my classroom last year!  You can read about how I put it together last year HERE.  My kids went bananas over the little gift bags!  How sweet is THAT!  I loved setting them out and having purposeful centers that reviewed some key skills.  We were hitting fractions pretty hard when I snapped this picture---the Freezing Fractions and Fraction Frenzy task cards are part of other task card sets.

If you use Reading Street and haven't stumbled upon these, I'm about to make your life a bit easier!
Click the image to see all of my Reading Street Interactive Notebooks & Focus Wall Posters
I absolutely love INBs, and the set I created to use in my classroom has been SO well received my by sweet TpT friends!  I completed 3rd grade last year and am creating 4th grade THIS year!
They come in a paper saving format with two per page!  Definitely a plus for me!  Makes it so much easier to use my pretty paper, too!

So many of my pages are versatile enough that you can use them with ANY reading passage--not just the basal reader pages!  I just love the structure of having a routine that includes three elements each and every week:

  • Comprehension Skill
  • Vocabulary Skill
  • Selection Vocabulary
My Focus Walls for 3rd grade Reading Street provide a "One & Done" set up that allows you to switch out each week in a snap!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday sweet friends!


Using Popplet in the Classroom

I am so excited to share this post over at iTeach Third!!  I hope you'll head over to read about how I use Popplet in my classroom.  It is so engaging and TRULY is more than playing games.  The product is 100% useful, academic and engaging!

Let me know what you think!  Click on the image to take you there!


Classroom Tip for Managing Centers

Hi friends!  So excited to join in The Elementary Entourage’s Annual Tricks & Treats Blog Hop!

 Wanna see my trick from LAST year?  Be sure to click HERE!  I shared how I use Symbaloo in my 1:1 Digital classroom.
My tip is super quick and can be used for ANY center that uses an answer sheet.

I love using centers that are completely open-ended, but I also like for my kidlets to be accountable at times.

Problem: One little Goober will forget that he started a center.take ANOTHER sheetthen, right in the middle of my small group lesson, little Susie can’t do the center because there are no more sheets.


My solution is pretty simple.  All you need is:
  • ·      Seasonal stamp or sticker
  • ·      Sharpie

Create a set of answer sheets for every child in your classroom.  Then, put a cute little stamp or sticker in the corner.  You can change it seasonally or to help you differentiate your kidlets!

 Once they are stamped, I number the pages.  This corresponds for the number system I use for all of my kids.  We line up in order, I use a number system to file their weekly papers.  

Yes....keep going until you have enough for every child to complete the center ONCE.  

This cute center in not mine!  This one dates way back and was a free download.  I did a little searching and the author happens to be a fellow blogger.  Be sure to check out Confessions of a Teaching Junkie to see more of her recent stuff!  

Then, you will simply fill your folder, envelope or wherever you store your answer sheets with your center.  Now...all you kids need to do is...
  • Choose THEIR number
  • Work on their center
Not finished? No problem!  Have them return their paper to their spot for NEXT time!  This is super quick to prep--you can even let your sweet friends get these prepped for you!

Now that I’ve tricked about a TREAT!!!

I’ve put together a little Sample to use in your centers this October.  Super easy to use for a small group lesson, center, or RTI for the standard!

I’ve also put all of my Halloween Task Cards on sale until Monday, October 19thrd.  Once midnight hits..POOF!’ll be regular price!  Click the image below to see my FREE sample and these items that are all 20% off for this short time!

Now...hop one over to see more great Tricks & Treats!


Weekly Communication Using Padlet

Hi friends!  I've blogged over at iTeach Third about my latest and greatest way of using Padlet in my classroom!
Click this image to take you there!

Be sure to head over and see how I've simplified how I deliver weekly communication!


Oh SNAP...It's almost October Linky

Hello sweet friends!   Welcome to a GREAT linky to prep for the coming month!

My friends at Teacher Deals & Dollar Steals are coming together to share some $1 items to make your planning super easy, fresh, and the perfect addition to this time of year. 

I’ve got a few fun things to share with you that certainly HINT the spooooky side of October without being TOO much on the Halloween side!

Fact Family Flash Cards

I love adding super simple things to my centers that lend itself to MANY things!  These flash cards are the PERFECT addition for me!

I love that I can put these cards in my center and switch out the tasks!  Like:
1.    Draw a model using the related facts
2.   Write 4 number sentences using the related facts.
3.   Write a number story in your journal using the facts
4.   With a partner, cover a corner and quiz your buddy.

I really like having both Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division fact cards on hand, too.  I always have kidlets that are ready to roll in Multiplication/Division while others are struggling with 3-digit addition & subtraction because they DON’T KNOW THEIR FACTS!  Gotta be ready to meet everyone’s needs. 

Gotta have it?  Click the images to take you to my store!

Monster QR Code Task Cards
I’ve created two sets of task cards.  These babies are self-checking using QR codes! Each set has clusters of tasks in sets of EIGHT inside the 24 card set.  This wayyour kiddies will complete 8 cards & check once.  Perfect for small group, center work, or use all 24 for whole group Scoot!

In my Place Value set, you get:
1. Rounding (#1-8)  QR code on card #8
2. 3&4-digit addition (#9-16)   QR code on card #16
3. 3&4-digit subtraction (#17-24)  QR code on card #24

In my Multiplication set, you get:
1. 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication (#1-8) 
2. 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication (#9-16)
3. 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication (#17-24)

You will also get 2 different answer documents!
1.   One is a 24 box answer document designed for completing the entire set of cards.

2.  The other is an 8 box answer document.  Assign only 8 cards in a center to differentiate needs of your kidlets.  Kids will fill in the number of the assigned cardsno need to make 3 different sheets when you differentiate, too! Teacher friendly!

Gotta have it? click the images to head over to my store!

Be sure to head over and see ALL of the great finds for today!
Click the button below to take you there!


B2S in a Flash: Curriculum Must Haves

Welcome back!
This is the week you have been waiting for!  I am a BELIEVER in TpT!  I trust what teachers create for themselves and always find JUST what I need when I NEED it!  It also gave me the courage to BE a TpT developer.  It makes be puddly, but I love the teacher I have become by take ownership of my classroom rather than depending on what the "box" curriculum gives me.  Choice is the KEY!

This week's linky is all about sharing those TpT products!  Perfect for finding what we can use in our classrooms in the coming school year.  I don't know about you....but I get a little overwhelmed with all the choices sometimes!  So, this week's linky is to help ALL of us share...
  • what we CREATED and USE
  • what we USE each year
  • what we PLAN to use 
See all of my Reading Street INBs here
Last summer, I decided that I needed INBs for reading that were more tailor-made to my weekly "box" curriculum.  It loops over & over in some reading skills--so, buying the TpT ones only helped me once.  I also needed mine to be "paper-friendly".  Knowing what I needed-I began creating for ME.

 I knew I'd put it in my store, but I figured that since it was for "Reading Street"--not many people would need it.  BUT--I knew after I started that it was going to be GREAT!  Boy...was I ever wrong!  My Reading Street friends found me! I think they love it as much as I do because I've created structure in three key areas.
Photos from my new 4th Grade Edition
Each week there is a flap for the skill of the week.  I usually teach whole group in the beginning of the year...transition to small group...then they can use the pages independently and we MEET about them.

The Vocabulary strategy of the week gets its own flap also.  Some of these skillsloop over and over during the year & my kids want a fresh looking flap to interact with.  I REALLY don't want to hear--"We did this one already!"  Ami I RIGHT???  #urgetoscream
The weekly Selection Vocabulary flaps take up a full page of paper, but I love this routine!!  I change it up quite often.  ALWAYS definition on the outside, but the inside changes.  Might me
  • a meaningful sentence
  • illustration
  • synonym/antonym
  • Example/Non-example
It really is up to YOU and what your kidlets NEED!

I got a TON of emails asking about 4th, I started that series this summer.  I have Unit 1 ready now...and I will build the collection, much like last year.  Is it bad to say that I think its turning out better than my first? Just shows how you grow, right?

CLEARLY....I am an INB fan!  We are using Standards-Based Report Cards for the second year.  I've been a fan of this series of INBs--but I loved them even MORE last year.  My administrators really liked that my INB activities weren't just "fluff".  They were meaningful!  It is so important that they aren't busy work but are teaching tools!
I really LOVE using task cards and switching them out, as needed.  I've made a TON of them.  And bought a ton, too!  But I really wanted something for Spelling that I didn't have to manage quite so much.  My sweet friend Amber at Peppy Zesty Teacherista has this in her store...and I will be snatching it up on Monday!  I am hoping to transition to differentiated spelling lists, but I want to establish a routine FIRST! 

My friends and I over at ITeach Third had the honor to add a giveaway this week!  I hope you will all enter!  Be sure to check out all of the posts to build up an AMAZING WISH LIST and simplify your school year with an Oh-So-Tight Budget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don't forget about the site-wide sale at TpT that starts Monday!!  My store will be 20% off and TpT adds an extra 10% with their special code!
Click here to head over to my store

See you next week friends!
Are you a teacher blogger???  You've got ALL WEEK to link up!  I'm always looking for great products!