Simple Center Organization

Livening up my guided math rotations each month are NEVER a struggle during the holidays!  I like to keep about 10 center choices each month and save about FIVE of them for something seasonal and out of the ordinary.  Here is some fun tips for storing those seasonal choices to make some of your OLD centers NEW again!

I love using this Sterlite Photo container to organize 5-6 sets of task cards.  I will switch these out monthly, but my students are familiar with the location and procedure that remains the same.  The bins takes up such a small space that it is perfect if you have space limitations.

These are especially ideal if you wave centers with smaller pieces.  I know that they will not be lost or fall out of a basket if I have them contained in these nifty plastic containers! This set shown is from my December Math Mini Center Bundle for 2nd Grade

I also love grabbing any seasonal gift bag and throwing in a few centers or sets of task cards.  Games are somehow "cooler" in a bag!  Simply adding a unique touch adds some pizzazz during my guided math rotations!

Another advantage to using gift bags is that you can decide if you want the center to be a seatwork activity of a partner activity is a selected space in the room!  It is a great way to self-contain the activity.

How do you jazz up your centers?  Leave a comment!  I'd love to try something new!


Organizing Made Simple

One of the biggest challenges for myself and so many teachers is creating a system...a procedure that everything that a teacher NEEDS also has a HOME.  I'm quite proud of the systems I have in place for my students, yet I find myself having so much to keep track of that I get overwhelmed in my efforts to get ahead.  I make a ton of copies or gather books...sometimes weeks ahead of time, but when I need it.......
....the sound of crickets
DIY project using Sterlite drawers to organize teaching supplies.  Great organizational tip.  The FREEBIE download makes this quick and simple!

Yep, I don't consistently FIND these materials!  I blush when people come to my room and remark for ORGANIZED I am.  Gulp...Really??  Perhaps I'm uber hard on myself, but I was determined to rework the systems I have in place for myself this summer.  


Teacher Tip to Encourage Good Choices

Teachers are busy, but we can't be too busy to notice our sweet friends when they make good choices!
Quick & Easy DIY resource for communication with students.  This tip is perfect for PBIS classrooms.
I wanted to add a quick way to encourage my students, but I wanted to also REMEMBER who I have encouraged!  Who might NEED encouraging!  While walking through the aisle of Dollar Tree, I recalled a cute idea from a blog post I read in the past.  I can NOT for the life of me find it---if you KNOW, please share as I'd love for you to see that post, TOO!  At any rate, seeing the $1 Receipt Book, I knew what my next project would be!  And I am LONG overdue for a Monday Made It!


Fun Spiral Review Game for Spring

Spring..... a time when sunny days make your students itch to get outdoors!

I love this idea for getting outdoors for some fun TEST PREP and spiral review.  Perfect for Math & ELA.

Get them outside with this super quick-and-easy DIY activity that packs a punch!  You can hit your state standards in ELA or Math and TOTALLY put this in your lesson plans!  This might even pack a punch in your Test Prep, too!


Tips for Teachers After Spring Break

Returning from Spring Break can be the BEST time to add a spark to your classroom routines!  What's is also the perfect time to try out some techniques and routines that you might have been a little nervous to try!  Who better to try them out with than with the students you have already established a trusting environment!
Collection of  five "Must-Do" Activities in the classroom that will get keep student focused in the right way!  The final tip is my favorite!


Periscope: PD in your Pajamas

As teachers of the 21st century, we are knee deep in technology!  We prepare our students, immerse them in all things technology!  A teacher's workload grows daily--yet our desire to learn grows, too.  The time to read (and in my case...even WRITE blog posts) and remain current can be a struggle.


Six Free & Easy Classroom Rewards

Hello friends!  I'm excited to share with you my FAVORITE classroom rewards and WHY I use them!