Periscope: PD in your Pajamas

As teachers of the 21st century, we are knee deep in technology!  We prepare our students, immerse them in all things technology!  A teacher's workload grows daily--yet our desire to learn grows, too.  The time to read (and in my case...even WRITE blog posts) and remain current can be a struggle.

Struggle no more!  Periscope, to the rescue!

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a live-streaming video app for IOS and Android devices.  These video segments permit viewers to watch in "real-time" and interact with the host OR you can can watch the replay.  These replays remain available for 24 hours on your Periscope app.

24 hours...what's the point??  Never fear!  Most active "Scopers" are saving their scopes on a website called  Once you find a scope you really like--head over to their Katch and you can "catch up" on what you've missed!

My Top 5 Scopers
There are really so very MANY people scoping--new ones each day.  We all have different tastes, so what I like is just...ME!  Get out there and see who Inspires..Motivates..Feeds your teacher soul!

If you are a teacher--you need to start here.  You will find a regular schedule of folks that you are bound to find what you need.  Plus...they will share out people your SHOULD watch!  That really helps find some new folks that you click with!.

Angie Olsen at Lucky Little Learners
Her spots on the network pertain to math.  My first LOVE!  I've been a little outside of my comfort zone this year, so I appreciate seeing her hands-on approach.  She's great!  Be sure to watch her weekly scopes and catch her in between!

My Literacy go-to is Brook Browne
Her literacy center ideas have totally rocked my world....and my classroom!  Doing centers at a younger grade level had really been a struggle!  Be sure if YOU feel like you are spinning your wheels in that area--catch the replays over at iteachtvnetworks's website! I drop everything to watch her!

Jen Jones

Need I say more??? Jen--Jones is on Periscope!  I have focused so much energy to my love of math that I enjoy hearing the spark and giant nuggets of information to be gleaned from her!

Just a Primary Girl
Not all scopes HAVE to be super serious content to be enjoyable and worth your time!  After following her in Instagram for some time, I had to check out Aly!  Her scopes range from the opening of her Stitch Fixes & Rocksbox goodies to her finds at the Target Dollar Spot to being very REAL about parenting a child with special needs.  I just MIGHT have had to make a run to Walmart to find the scoop rockers that she shared...WHILE in Walmart!

Jessica Martin @ The Whimsical Teacher
In my early days of watching Periscopes, I didn't have many folks I followed.  Somehow I happened upon Jess and honestly---I thought, hmmmmm.  I'm not sure what to think of this chick with the silly glasses scoping from the Walmart parking lot!  On a car trip home I caught her "story"--as in her previous career, her journey---it was super long and perfect to listen to in the car.  I was hooked from then on.  Such a smart and savvy lady!  You just never know about someone until you scratch the surface!  You would NEVER get that by reading a blog post!

So...not a very FANCY blog post.  Just a quick share to my readers who may not have caught the bug yet.  You just never know what you'll learn friends.

I've had a ring-side seat for:
Flexible seating in action
Classroom tours
Powerpoint tutorials
Motivating talks to remain positive
Centers of all kinds
iPad apps in action

Head on over the the amazing Ashley Schroeder's link-up below, friends!  She's rocking the Periscope world with so much energy!  I'm such an organizational slacker that I need 1:1 help from her!

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