Paperless Collaboration Made Easy

Planning with your teammates can be quite a challenge!  Limited time during the day to meet and differing after school schedules can really complicate a team trying to plan cohesively!

Too busy for collaborating in "Real Time"?
Random emails and files arriving when you don't have TIME to manage them appropriately?

Have I got the tool for YOU!

Web Tool to store PowerPoints, Files, Websites, etc. Perfect way to share with others and retrieve in the classroom!  Collaboration tool for students and teachers!

Juggling so many forms of communication is driving me batty!  We are standards-based, so we are constantly looking for ways to supplement our curriculum.  Additionally, we have become a team of 5 teachers, and our PE times are now split. Our common planning time has now gone POOF!  What's a busy team to do?  Using Livebinders has become a time-saving and efficient way to keep our common needs in one place.  You can store up to 100MB of files, websites videos for FREE…all in one simple spot.

Once you've created your account, you are ready to start!