Fun Spiral Review Game for Spring

Spring..... a time when sunny days make your students itch to get outdoors!

I love this idea for getting outdoors for some fun TEST PREP and spiral review.  Perfect for Math & ELA.

Get them outside with this super quick-and-easy DIY activity that packs a punch!  You can hit your state standards in ELA or Math and TOTALLY put this in your lesson plans!  This might even pack a punch in your Test Prep, too!

You can have this activity ready with one trip to the store, too!

Simple Steps Include:

  1. Buy (or repurpose last year's) 24 plastic eggs
  2. Create a 2-column table with 12 rows
  3. Number and fill the boxes with quick to answer Math or ELA (or a mix of both) prompts.
  4. Cut and fill your eggs
  5. BAM!  You are ready to go!
My district is having Spring Break this week, so we took advantage of the final day before break to hit the outdoors for some spiral review.  My kids even helped to get the eggs scattered! With clipboard, pencil, and answer sheet in hand, we spread out in our designated area.  I scooted a few kids around,  tossed the remaining eggs myself, and said GO!

My sweet friends squatted in the grass, opened their own egg, and answered on the document. they went to find another egg!  We easily spent 20 minutes on our Math spiral review and we weren't even finished!  In all honesty, I was less concerned about completion, but I was more focused on the opportunity to revisit old standards.  There were a few who needed a little reminder...but they were off again in no time!

In all, this is a guilt-free, worksheet-free review your kids will never forget!

We returned inside to quickly check answers on our document camera.  I was so pleased to see my kids confidently show mastery of so many skills!  

Need a shortcut? I'd love for you to have a copy of my 2nd grade review and 24 box answer document to get you started!  Simply click HERE to grab this one to go straight to your Google Drive!

I'd love to read your comments about how this went with your class!

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