Organizing Made Simple

One of the biggest challenges for myself and so many teachers is creating a system...a procedure that everything that a teacher NEEDS also has a HOME.  I'm quite proud of the systems I have in place for my students, yet I find myself having so much to keep track of that I get overwhelmed in my efforts to get ahead.  I make a ton of copies or gather books...sometimes weeks ahead of time, but when I need it.......
....the sound of crickets
DIY project using Sterlite drawers to organize teaching supplies.  Great organizational tip.  The FREEBIE download makes this quick and simple!

Yep, I don't consistently FIND these materials!  I blush when people come to my room and remark for ORGANIZED I am.  Gulp...Really??  Perhaps I'm uber hard on myself, but I was determined to rework the systems I have in place for myself this summer.  

Taming the Copies

While I am guilty of being a morning copier, I prefer to get all of my copies prepped before I do the written part of my lesson plans.  As I skim through the resources I own, I pull aside the "keepers" and try to do my copies in bulk.  The problem arises when I need to put them SOMEWHERE when I don't really need them NOW.
My Solution
DIY project using Sterlite drawers to organize teaching supplies.  Great organizational tip.  The FREEBIE download makes this quick and simple!

I reworked some Sterlite drawers I was using for another purpose and labeled them with the main subject categories.  They are the perfect size for copies and can easily become stackable.  As I make copies or find a mentor text to use, I put them in the labeled drawer.  When Friday rolls around, I am ready to pull next week's supplies and have them ready and waiting for when the next week starts!

Taming the Daily Supplies

Okay, so all of my copies are ready.  My mentor texts are ready.  Various other supplies are out and about in the classroom.  What to do with it all and have what  I need for each day?  I used to use these cute magazine holders that were labeled for each day of the week.  They honestly do a nice job of keeping things organized, but I recommend reducing the number of TEACHER things that need to be out in the open.   I took this advice from a tidbit I read in Word Nerds---everything that is out should be for the kids and this is another way to hide MY things away but still be at my fingertips.  

I am using GRANDdaddy sized Sterlite drawers.  I don't have these at home to show you, but this is what I'm using.  Like the other version, I have two sets that I repurposed for the days of the week. Everything that is needed for the day of the week will be found in its own drawer. So.....when Friday rolls around and I'm prepping for the next week, all of the items I have prepped from the SUBJECT drawers get divided into days of the week,  The size of the drawers make it simple to add manipulatives and over sized items that would NEVER fit in a magazine holder.  I will share what these look like when I get them completed...I promise!

Freebie for YOU!

I've created a new set labels to expand my color palette in my classroom.  I am labeling EVERYTHING!  I needed to create a new template for the Subject drawers to fit inside of my Sterlite drawers and I've added it to my store for YOU!  I love the additional soft colors.  A teacher friend really wanted pastel Superheroes so I created something we BOTH can use!  I'm using the plain labels and SHE is using the ones with Superheroes!  Click the image below to grab this free project to get yourself a step ahead this fall!  Will you be "Team Plain Label" with ME or "Team Superhero" with HER??
DIY project using Sterlite drawers to organize teaching supplies.  Great organizational tip.  The FREEBIE download makes this quick and simple!

You can take a closer look at all the of the EDITABLE items we are using by clicking the image below.  
Quick & Easy way to create Classroom Decor!  Mix and Match Chalkboard and White centers.  Create Bulletin Boards, Deskplates, Libraries, Calendars, and MORE!

 I also have a wide array of Editable Classroom Decor that you might like to take a peek at.  You can view them by clicking below.

 Until next time sweet friends!


  1. Debbi, I love that container- what a great price! The labels are adorable! Our school wide theme is super heroes. I struggle so much with organization. A great organizational system helps everything to run smoothly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How lucky you are to have your copies done! I enjoyed your blog post! Pam  Visit my blog at PJ Jots!

  3. I thought I was the only person who made copies first and then wrote lesson plans! My teammates think I'm crazy but I can't see doing it the other way around. Love your copy drawers, I do something similar but mine are labeled by day instead of subject. I've been thinking of changing it to subjects though... thanks for the ideas!

  4. I like your idea of filing the papers away for later by subject area. I store everything by days of the week. I have done that for 18 years, but I am always open to new ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Thanks for sharing your system for organizing your copies! I usually store my copies by day of the week (like Alison), but I may need to give your idea a try.

    Shafer's Shenanigans

  6. Debbi! I hear ya! I "look" organized but am FAR from. Each year one of the weekly student jobs in my room is a teacher's assistant....they are in charge of the things I am constantly losing, putting down, can't find, need.....I'm a mess. These ideas are great! Now if I can just put them into practice! Thanks for linking up:)

  7. I love your ideas...with two classes (and grade levels) this year, organization is going to be key! I'm always on the lookout for new ways to organize!

  8. I always keep my papers for the week in trays, but I like your idea better. It definitely looks cuter. Thank you for sharing.

    Elementary Engagement

  9. I've got more drawers than what I know what to do with! So many I have put a label on and then don't use it for that purpose ha! Goal for next year! Your labels are so colorful and pretty!