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I'm super excited to be sharing not one...but TWO different items to inspire your Summer Stock-Up!  

One of my favorite categories is create for myself and for others are my series of Editable Labels, Deskplates & Banners.

I don't know about you, but when if comes to personalizing my classroom....I want OPTIONS!  I want multi-use.  I want to PRINT, LAMINATE, and GO.  So, I've created this series in hopes that those like myself can choose a color or theme they like & have a resource to turn to all year.

The sizes and the number of options inside each set is a bit different--based on the needs of who I created the sets FOR, however, there are some common elements that I think are vital and in each set.

All of the sets come with:

Banners in two sizes...ready to insert your letters in your favorite font.  Print...laminate...and go!
--The landscape fits 2-3 of the pieces to a page
--The portrait fits one piece per page
This is a snapshot of my own classroom while I was setting up for Back to School.
I use the Blue & Green set in my room.
I also have used the other style of banner for my "I Can" wall and my "Daily 5" wall.  You can grab this one in my store for FREE, too!  Click HERE to grab it anytime!
I use this style of banner strung together with a thin ribbon.
Add decorative ribbon on each end.  Pin to the wall.  Done!

In the Landscape folder, you have these choices that fit on one page:
  • 2 Large Deskplates  Some of my newer sets also include lined Deskplates that are Print & Go: Ready to manually your students names in your preferred writing model.
  • 4 Task Card sized labels
In the Portrait folder, you have these choices that fit on one page:
  • 4 Smaller Deskplates
  • 8 Small Task Card sized label
All of these labels come to you ready to insert a text box, choose your favorite font & color, and type the label.  These labels have limitless choices!
These large task card labels are perfect for my large library bins to create JUST the genre titles I need!
No wasted ink using labels that don't work for me.
Chalkboard & White Centers
I like having lots of options while keeping my look cohesive.  Having the choice between white centered labels and banners provides the look I want at any given time.  

The look of the same label really changes when you add the chalkboard center, doesn't it?  Pick and choose when you want that look and when you don't.  No need to buy two different sets.  It's included!

Cute Clips/ No Clips Options
There are times when I want my theme to show in my decor and times when I don't.  All of my labels come with and without clips on the side.  
You choose!

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There are a lot of interactive notebooks out there.  I have a love affair with them!  Finding just what I needed to support our reading program was a struggle.  So, what I have created is once again based on what I needed and shared if there were those of similar needs.  These have become my best setting items in my store...which is so humbling considering I really thought I had a very narrow audience.  How wrong I was!  In a nutshell... I"m sharing....
I am a bit biased but these Interactive Notebooks have saved me!  I just love them!  So, if you use Reading Street in THIRD or FOURTH grade, let me share how this beauties can add a wonderful learning routine on a weekly basis.

Three Pages for Each Week
Each week includes:
  • A Full page for the weekly Selection Vocabulary
  • A Full page  includes 2 Half-Pages of the weekly Comprehension Skill
  • A Full page includes 2 Half-Pages of the weekly Vocabulary Skill
Notice I wrote...HALF Pages
Yes, this paper saving resource cut your paper usage in half.  We are on a tight copy limit as well as paper usage, so I am print conscious.  These have helped tremendously!

I really prefer using composition notebooks, so this smaller size will fit either a spiral notebook OR composition notebooks.

The Selection Vocabulary pages fit nicely on a two page spread.  Perfect for independent work while you meet with your small groups.  Definitions can go on the outside while the inside expectations can vary from group-to-group or week-to-week.  Meaningful sentences, illustrations, synonyms, antonyms, etc.  You are the teacher!  Make it your own!

I'd love for you to see the previews in my store to see all the pieces you will get!
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UPDATE! 9/12/15
After so many requests, I've bundled my 4th Grade INBs as a growing bundle! click on the image below and see it in my store!

That's it for me!  Now click below to see more!!

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