TPT Challenge: Makeover Madness

I am so excited to be participating in a fun challenge for TPTers!  If you're not a TPTer, I hope you'll follow along anyway.  I am SUCH an advocate for teachers sharing and selling their ideas on TPT.  I watched other great sellers for several years, taught myself how to do things, and found a very satisfying hobby.  It is a creative outlet that really fills in those gaps right now.  I never thought in a million years that I would sell anything, need to know about marketing, or need business cards.  I most CERTAINLY never thought I would meet online strangers and have a community to support each other like I have through blogging and selling TPT.

That I go with Week One.  Keep in mind that I am still pretty much a baby blogger and a baby TPTer.  Still in this short time, I have evolved in my style and taste--much like if you look in your closet.  You pull out a shirt and ask yourself..What was I thinking when I bought THAT??  The same goes for when I cruise through my store.  I see a cover and think similar thoughts!  What was I thinking when I put those colors together?

I have done a bit of redoing some covers this spring when I wasn't feeling very inspired to create new products, but I wanted to create some new life to some products that I PERSONALLY liked but didn't get much traffic.

Here is a prime example:
Well, I had the cute chevron thing going here.  I had purchased a few KG fonts by this time, too.  With a fresh eye though....the game title is clear enough, but you'd have to read the product description to really know what it covers.  The Melonheadz cutie is sweet enough, but she is just....there.

While the game title still takes center stage, the buyer knows that tricky multiplication facts are the skill.  Your entire piece of clipart does not have to be placed on the project.  Peeking in and going off the page makes the product POP more and really shows the artistry of the clipart.  I was OVER using glow.  That is just SO last season.  LOL!  I know that I over did the glow.  Substituting a black background has a much better effect in getting your titles to POP.  In my opinion.

These Before/After pictures are part of a complete bundle that I updated this spring adding BLACK & WHITE versions to the original.  Many buyers are ink conscious.  Providing an added option pleases everyone, in the end.  I try to let the buyer know on the COVER that Color & Ink-friendly Versions are included in one set.

If you are interested in these, I've marked them by 25% for this week only!

Click HERE for Tricky Multiplication I Have, Who Has

Click HERE for my Spring ELA Task Card Bundle

Yay me!  I've blogged TWICE today and BOTH have to do with make-overs.  Kinda spooky!
Can't wait until next week for a new challenge.  I"m heading out now to see if I can some NEW fresh ways to look at my other products that need updating this summer!


  1. Love the changes!
    Casedilla Crumbs in the Classroom

  2. Yes, yes and YES! Fabulously done product covers girl!

  3. They look GREAT! and all so consistent too!!

  4. Love the new cover!! The background paper & the chalkboard bubble really make the cute MelonHeadz & your font pop! Awesome!

  5. Love the mix of fonts and color scheme! You go, girl!
    Stories and Songs in Second