July Favorite Things

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I really wanted to use this month’s linky to be the ALWAYS version of “me”.  I am a creature of habit.  If I really like something…I don’t get bored with it.  My Favorite Things this month reflect that

Are you like this about some things?  I’d love to know what YOUR “Always” things are! 


  1. I am a creature of habit too! I ALWAYS start my day by taking a walk in the park with my 2 beagles. If it's raining and we can't walk first thing I feel "off". Breakfast always follows the walk - cereal or fruit, I very seldom veer from that menu lol. I also always listen to classic rock, have for as long as I can remember. WDVE has been my radio station my entire life.

  2. I am a must have diet coke girl! I wish I didn't do so much diet as I know it's bad for me but I just can't stop! Hope you aren't having to set your alarm now! www.glimmersoflearning.com

  3. I can totally relate to the "sit and sip" coffee time! :)

  4. Love your three favorite things! I'm a pearl girl myself. My favorite pearl earrings are needing replaced as we speak -- I'm on the hunt for a new pair of plain pearls. Plus, I've been eyeing some super cute 360- pearlish earrings from Moon & Lola!

    Enjoy the rest of your July!
    Glad I found your adorable blog!
    My Shoe String Life