Two-For Tuesday

Who is loving this weekly blog series?  I am REALLY loving the Friday Free Fonts, too!!

Took last week off, but I am already running two of my items 50% that started Sunday!  End 2-Nite, y'all!

I've already posted details about this new product that I'm working on to accompany Reading Street's Common Core Series for 3rd Grade.  Each unit includes 3 Interactive Notebook Activities for the FIVE WEEKS in each unit.  Most weeks will only use 2 pages per child.  I've worked really hard to get as much bang for the amount of paper-and not get heavy into too much printing and paper usage.
Each week has:
  1. Weekly Selection Vocabulary
  2. Weekly Comprehension Skill
  3. Weekly Vocabulary Strategy
These will be ideal to use in your small groups, independently, or to actively engage in whole group.

Be sure to get a closer peak at my posts HERE and HERE!

See y'all soon!

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  1. I love these products, but I will be teaching 4th grade! I am interested in creating my own versions for 4th grade. Any helpful tips?