Blue Green Focus Wall Pennant Idea

It's official!  Summer seems to have barely started and yet its winding down!  I'm in training this week for Project Lead the Way.  Anyone out there familiar with it?  We'll see!  I'll be the Master Teacher for grades 3-5 at our school, so I guess I better learn all about it, huh??  My mind will be on my classroom and this weeks wonderful Monday Made It posts for when I get home!
Thanks, as always, to sweet Tara for this wonderful sharing event!  Yet another week of no Made-Its for home.  I really should.......

We were allowed back in our classroom this week.  I was super excited to see that not only did they install the MUCH anticipated new touch Promethian boards, but they painted the wall behind it.  Imagine that!  A pop of color in my room!  And it's PERFECT for me!
I didn't actually MAKE this one, but I'm super excited about it!

I wanted to tackle those bulletin boards this week.  Something about having some cute stuff on the walls makes you feel like you're making progress....even when there is a freaking mess everywhere else!!

The bulletin board on the left is the same size as the only board I used to have up front, so I just recycled that same fabric.  I had Math on that side of the room last year, but I need more room for Math.  So.....Reading Focus Wall it is!

I really wanted to switch the style of my pennant banners and came up with this one.  Y'all......I'm in love!  It takes up less space, I'm still not having to make the letters even (since I put right up at the top), and I still get that POP that I want!  
I didn't get very far on my Math Focus Wall yet because I'm still rolling that large space around in my head.  My clean slate is ready to go though!  And LOOKS better than that cork!
My Facebook friends really LOVED my new banners, so I decided to add them to my Blue & Green Classroom Decoration Bundle......and to the smaller set of Editable Labels, Desk Plates & Banners.

If you HAVE it already....go back and download the updates in time for school!

Click on the picture of the product you have so you can get it!

Last but not least, I've been working on getting ahead and having some multiplication task cards ready once CRUNCH time happens pretty soon!  Hoping to front-load some things before we REALLY hit it hard!  I love all these little cowboy clips, so they became a set I can use anytime.
 I'm planning to blog more about them later, but I'll just share the covers for now.  I know you have a lot of pages to visit!   These three new additions are 20% off in interested!


That's it for me!  Have a great week, y'all!


  1. OH MY GOSH! Love these cowboy center activities! My favorite is the fact families on the horse shoe! How did you think of that? I've been watching your boards come to life on Instagram. They are beautiful. Love the colors...same as mine last year :)

    Creativity to the Core

  2. I love how your bulletin board headings came out! I'm jealous that you have a new Promethean board. Enjoy!
    The Traveling Teacher

  3. The board looks great! And I love the color combo :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings