Two For Tuesday #6

July is just zooming along!  How many of you are knee deep in prep?  I'm not sure I ever got OUT of prep!  I have two things that will help with your math prep if you are is IN to task cards as I am!!


I'm super excited about this task card set.  I love having some challenging activities on hand, or some extras that I can pull for small groups.  I hit that with this one.
I love this set!  Kids have to problem-solve to find the value of a number using only CERTAIN units.  In this example, the student might use place value blocks to solve.  

 This example shows how a student might have a higher understanding of value and can link the digits together to determine value.
I also made a Black & White version, so it can be copied on your school printer with pretty colored paper!  I sometimes like to have multiple copies of a center, and this is certainly an ink saving way to do that.  I've also seen task cards printed out and glued to the center of a large sheet of paper.  Small groups work together outside the task card to solve.  These puzzlers would be a great activity for that, too!
I have made four different kinds of tasks.  So, you could bundle 6 like cards together, pull a small group, and do this one way together.  I've included a small group answer document just for that purpose.  Now, you have 4 mini-lessons ready to differentiate with your students!!


I'd like to get my kids started with some of the basic concepts of multiplication pretty early.  I think this set will be a great way to do that!

Student will use the card and the answer document to create their own arrays.  I wanted to save time and force my students to create rows and columns accurately by creating an answer document that will ensure success.  In this example, the student might solve by using repeated addition.
A student who is a little further along might be ready to write the array with a multiplication sentence.  This is the first in my series of a "Round-up of Multiplication" activities that I'm working on. Stay tuned for more!  Find out right away by following my Facebook page and following my TpT Store!

These two little gems are half price until 9pm CST tonight!  Here are the links if you want to grab these up today!

Place Value Puzzlers

Quick Draw...Arrays!

See you next week!!


  1. These products look great! I can definitely use those this year!
    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

  2. I am loving both of these activities for my 3rd graders! Thanks!

  3. OH MY! Another of your products that is just "right on" target for engaged and fun learning. THANK YOU.