Pocket Chart Location Freebie

It's that time again, y'all!  Man!  It's been a busy week!  Amazing what you can do in a week in the SUMMER!  Linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics once again!  If you are starting with me, be sure to click on her logo to head back and see all the FAB projects this week!
So, this isn't me!  But he is MINE!  My boy and I ventured off this week for his college orientation.  I'm proud of him for MAKING his first college schedule.  We found a great route from home to Starkeville and had chat time while we burned rubber.  Hoping "Bully" will take good care of my boy.

While cleaning out my craft room (lovingly referred to as the CRAP room by my family), I came across a pile of these that were never used.
Be honest...they are a $1 at Dollar Tree and Target's Dollar Spot.  You grab them while they are there, and usually grab more than you need.  So I decided I NEEDED to put one to use & I put together a  "Where Are We?" chart for outside the classroom door.  

Man, it was a breeze!  First, I measured the space so that my sessions would fit properly.  Forgot the old adage to measure twice...had to go back and redo the height.  :-(
The fun part was creating and using some fun papers!  I picked some great ones at SDL Designs a while back for .12 a set!  They look textured and weathered--like that thick, handmade paper.  I love them!  After designing it, I laminated, cut and slipped them in.

I haven't decided if I'll do it this way with the "Where Are We?" in the middle--and hiding an extra one behind another slot not used regularly.
Or....... just post the sign above the pocket chart and display them all!

I love my little clip to move up and down the sides to show where we are!

I put together ANOTHER set to go with a class theme I've been working on, too.  I think it turned out pretty fun, too!

I've set it up in my TpT store as a FREEBIE for you!  Hope you'll enjoy this pop of color to let your visitors know where you are!!  Click HERE to snatch it up for your classroom!

Finally finished a classroom set that I've put into my store.  I LOVE my blue and green set that I made for myself, but I just felt like I wanted pops of orange in a set.  I think all these fun and funky papers spoke to me when I was making some task cards, and I was inspired to do another one for my store.
My Facebook friends said they preferred things broken up into smaller sets to meet their budgets, so that is what I have done.  I will likely bundle it up in the next few days though!

Click picture to see in my store

I love these Editable Labels in both of my sets.  There are always so many things to be personalized that it's great to have a "Go-To" spot to fill in the blanks....Print...and ....GO!!!  I've added these cute and funky Melonheadz Birdies, too.  So, you can go plain or have a little Tweeter!  For me to make a set and NOT to use Froggies first...you know I was in Love!

Click picture to see in my store
Here's the Word Wall set to match.  I've thrown in a Welcome Banner for you, too!  These textured papers have such a cool effect!  

My Classroom Schedule Cards have been a great resource for many, so I HAD to make another set to match!  There are two headers to choose from.  I"ve also added a Powerpoint slide to you can insert your own text if there's a subject that I left off!  I've used the Green & Gray in my room last year and plan to use them again.  I love that the kids refer to this throughout the day.

I also made a clip chart to display in your room.  I personally LOVE the Chalkboard effect in these....definitely planning to update my classroom with my blue & green version.

I'm itching to make another classroom set, so if you LIKE my blue & green and the aqua, lime and orange....but it doesn't work you...leave me a suggestion!  I'm prepping for my "empty nest" days to come!  (tears.....)

Have a great week y'all!  


  1. Love, Love, Love your class signs and labels!!!! I am a new follower!
    Mrs. Spriggs’ Kindergarten Pond

  2. I love all of the fun colors you used in your new products! I'm off to download your "where we are" chart! I'm you're newest follower :)


  3. Very cute colors! I had something like this last year with a football field and the yard lines were the different places. Someone stole my football during open house. I took it down and forgot about it. I may need to relook at it. I like the clothes pin idea. Hmmmm...you've got me thinking.
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  4. I love the Where are We Chart. The colors are so pretty.

  5. I'm liking this Where are We Chart! Especially with the little bird clip :)

  6. I super love the where are we chart!! I like the header above the chart and the labels below. I know you really wanted to use the pocket chart, but you could condense space and also hole punch them and place them on rings so you could flip to where you are also. :)

  7. And i was really wondering what I was gonna do with those $1 target pocket folders. Problem solved. Thanks!!!

  8. Your "Where are We?" Chart is precious. That will look snazzy hanging up outside your door. Thanks for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. Your clip chart is adorable!! :)
    ideas by jivey

  10. I adore your little birdie clip for your "Where are We" chart (well really, your whole chart, but that little clip is so cute)! :)
    Tales of a Teacher

  11. Your schedule chart is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  12. Love the idea of using the pocket chart that way! I really need to make one for my room!

    Keep Calm and Hoot On