Quick & Easy Math Centers for December

Hello fellow Monday Made It fans! How I have MISSED you!!!!
This has been the school year BEYOND school years!  So little time for the extra "fun stuff" I enjoy.  We have switched to a Standards Based Report Card.  Ugh.......
It's not that I'm not a FAN mind you, I do like knowing a bit deeper how my kids are doing.  Truthfully, I do.   The paperwork, however, takes me back to when I taught Kindergarten to Pebbles & Bam Bam. Anyway....it'll get better....it always DOES because that's how teachers ROLL!

Just kidding......
Seriously, how many Mondays have you had this year when you were super glad to have your lunch made with a cup of coffee to go???  We gotta celebrate ALL the victories, right?

Seriously, I've been a pretty good TPT buyer this year, but I haven't had the time to make something special for my kids.  I just LOVED it last year when I would bring out some new game or task card set and they'd ask me...."Did you make this one?".  I don't bake or cook a lot, but I imagine this is the equivalent in my world.  "Home-made" games!!  With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to use my of my favorite tricks to organize my newest centers!

I wanted something super easy to put together, something that didn't take too much time to complete, but I knew would pack a punch in a short period of time!
I am so stinking excited to bring these out for the next two weeks!  It seriously was really quick, considering there were so many little activities.

I bought these cute little gift baggies for @ $4 for five of them.  I'm sure I could have gotten them cheaper at Dollar Tree, but I wasn't AT Dollar Tree when I needed them!  LOL!

After I laminated the pages with my little best friend, I taped a cover sheet to the bag.  Then, I just had to cut out three little pages...put them in the gift bag...and BAM!  Center is ready to go!

So, while I watched my Sunday night favorite, "Once Upon a Time, I had all the centers I wanted to use ready to go!  Just needed a few more bags...OR... I'll use 5 one week and 5 more the next week!
No picture (SORRY!), but I ran off a stapled bundle front to back of the answer documents so that they won't lose them, they're kept together, and can complete in ANY order!

Hope you like my tip for spicing up your December Centers!  
  1. Pull out the task cards you need to do a spiral review while you work in a small group to enrich and remediate.
  2. Put them in some cute gift bags
  3. Staple the answer sheets together
  4. Done!  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
My kids went NUTS when I brought them in last week and keep asking...WHEN CAN WE DO THE PRESENTS GAMES????

That's it for me!  If you're looking for some centers, click on the image to see these December Math Mini-Centers in my store.  I've got them marked down for a short time, if you need something fresh! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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  1. I LOVE your idea of using gift bags to keep your task cards together. What a cute way to keep everything organized and portable. I can't wait to try this out.
    Thanks again for sharing.
    :0) melissa
    More Time 2 Teach