Gift Idea for Students from Teacher

Hi friends!  Love this time of year!  So much generosity of kindness!  Hope you enjoy some our favorite things this time of year!

 I used to struggle with what to GIVE my kids on the last day before the Winter Holiday.  I've done goodie bags, activity books, little trinkets from Oriental Trading, you name it!  I finally settled upon this item because my students are so very blessed..... that the simple pleasures are forgotten!  I'm often amazed that my 3rd graders don't know common Nursery Rhymes or books that I think are new classics, like Stellaluna!  

I give my kids a packet of Snowman Soup along with a wrapped book and BIG candy cane.  It is so easy, and I've never had a child not react in a positive way.  Most "eye" the mini-marshmallows and ask if they can dig them out NOW!  Excited over 8 little puffs of sugar.  Just precious....

Here is all you need!

I happened upon the Hot Chocolate this year at Publix when it was BOGO before Thanksgiving!  I always end up buying the mini candy canes, peppermint and plain marshmallows on Black Friday while I'm in Walmart.  It's not my favorite store, so when I AM there....I get my Walmart stuff then.  You can get cute little baggies super cheap at Hobby Lobby or at Dollar Tree.  For under $10, I have a great little treat.

All you need is a cute little tag to seal it up!  And......I'm going to give you one that I've put together.  There are hundreds...upon hundreds...UPON HUNDREDS of images on Google that will give you ideas.  Click on the image below to download a cute tag to print on your computer.

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