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Welcome teachers!  SO excited about all the great ideas to be shared and new teachers to follow.  I don't know about you, but I'm most inspired by the fellow teachers in the trenches.
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Now to share my best with you!

 My very BEST selling item isn't my newest or my oldest item.  It's my Perimeter Pirates Task Card set.  I've written about my set as a Monday Made It, but I haven't shared it in action.

One thing I like to do with task cards is to play a whole group game of Scoot.  If you are new to Scoot, here's how it goes.

  1. Place a task card on each child's desk in random order.  Place extras around the room.  Most sets come in 24 or more.
  2. Students will need: 1 Answer Document, Clipboard or white board, pencil
  3. Students complete each task card and move to another spot.  I prefer to have extra cards laid around the room so the kids can keep moving.  Some teachers prefer a more organized movement.  It's really up to you! 
  4. Wrap it up!  
  • You might want your kids to complete every task and meet you on the carpet to review the answers on your document camera
  • You might want to set a timer with a goal to complete many with accuracy over quantity-check together on your document camera
  • You might also have your students turn in the answer documents to be grade
I like to use similarly themed task cards blended together for a Mixed Practice.  As we prepared for the ACT Aspire, I mixed in my ARRRea Hunt cards to review both skills at once.  You could easily do that with ANY task cards you have collected.

Small Groups
I like to use task cards in small groups, too.  I use a different answer document when we do small groups.  These sheets have 8 empty blocks, and my kids just fill in the numbers for the 8 cards I select.  If there is a certain part I need to reteach, this gives me the flexibility to focus on that strand of the skill to be mastered.  I've added these answer documents just recently as I found I needed that.  So, I'm passing that on to you.  I will definitely go back to my old sets and add them.   I keep a stack of about 50 ready to go at all times!

Independent Work
Task cards make a great independent activity to reinforce skills after time has passed.  I like to put them in 4 x 6 photo albums from Dollar Tree. Here are a few pictures from a previous blog post.  What's great is that there is room for two sets of cards in one album. Remove the cover, replace with a  reduced cover sheet, and you're ready to go.  Don't know how to turn an 8 1/2 x 11 paper into a smaller size?  Read THIS BLOG POST.
  • They are great for early finishers by using the Small Group Answer Document
  • Keeps your cards in order, easily stored, and no missing pieces.  (Your kids would NEVER do that!)  
To thank you for stopping by, I'm including a small group sample of Perimeter Pirates for you to try with your kids.  You can download this FREEBIE by clicking  here at: Perimeter Pirates Sample.

Can't wait? If you are interested in full sets of these, your can go to my TPT STORE to pick them up. But wait...there's more!  Geez, that sounds like an Infomercial!  

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I've bundled them together for the first time with a great price.  If you pop over, I'd love for you to follow my store.  Have many great things coming this summer that I'd love for you to see as they're released!
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