Assessing Using Task Cards

Wow!  Where has the time gone!  Spring truly does fly by!

I've been working on a few items for my kids this weekend.  The priced items will be 20% for the first 2 days, too.
Who's ready?!?!

Monday Made It #1
Our next Grammar unit covers abbreviations.  I'd like to kick off the week using this set as a formative assessment to see where we are.  I THINK my kids pretty much know the abbreviations, but I'm not so sure about the days of the week.  We'll see!  This Scoot game will really let me know where I need to emphasize more in the coming days.  

I plan to put these cards in a center and allow the kids to "Pick 5" to do some writing in a meaningful way.  It's not DEEP enough to just recall the abbreviations.  They need to use them.  I'd like to see them team up our review of Capital Letters at the same time!  I'll be using the Pick 5 Answer Document to do just that!  It might turn out nicely to trim the frame and display what they create.  Kids love a chance to see each other write.

Monday Made It #2
Those middle tricky facts keep hounding some of my kids!  AAH!  So, I decided to create an "I Have, Who has" game for that group of students.  The facts in this set range from the 6s -9s and multiplying them by 4s-9s.  They are so chatty this time of year, so I hope this helps them get the words out and in a purposeful way.  I made TWO versions of the cards, too.  

One set asks, "Who has 8 x 5", for example, and the person will need to be ready with the card that says "40".  

The other set is is in the reverse.  The student will ask, "Who has 40" and the person will need to be ready to know if their card has a way to make 40, like 8 x 5.

Thinking of giving this group a timer.  After passing out the cards, set the timer to see how quickly they can go through the cards.  Note the time on a post-it, pass out the cards again, and see if they can pass their time.  Really want them to be fluent before all the testing that is coming up in the next few weeks.

Monday Made It #3
I wrote about this FREEBIE earlier this week.  Click on the link to this post and snatch this one from my TPT store.

Sunday Afternoon Smile
Spent the day with my sweet daughter in Nashville yesterday.  We attended "Wicked" in the afternoon-my Christmas present my hubby then a bit of shopping at Opry Mills.  It's the first time I've gone since it was flooded a few years back.  Had some great new stores, too.  I SCORED in the Vera Bradley store, too.  Thinking about our day brings a smile to my face while being sad that she has already gone back to college.  Looking forward to her being home for the summer though!

Have a great week y'all!  We're in the home stretch!

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  1. You were busy! I absolutely adore Wicked! It's been a long time since I've seen it and I'd love to see it again!
    Short and Sassy Teacher